Nizam Rabby Releases “Shanti” to Support World Peace

Nizam Rabby just released “Shanti Chai” which translates to “I want Peace”. And this song is dedicated to attaining world peace. The Bangladeshi rapper rapped about some of the atrocities taking place around the globe right now. The hooks of the song expresses “All I need is peace. I don’t want war, I just want some peace”. The rapper is lyrically sound as he refers to wars in Syria, Palestine, the World Wars, Afghanistan, and a few other war-torn locations around the globe.

This is the true power of Hip Hop. Hip Hop gives a voice to the people, a voice to the unheard. And, when I see artists taking advantage of that power of Hip Hop to express themselves, it makes me happy. It’s clearly a better use of the beat to rap about world peace than to rap about blings, material things, and expensive nightclubs. Check out the track below, and share your thoughts!

Listen to Nizam’s “Shanti Chai”