Nivla – Feet On The Ground

Nivla got his “Feet On The Ground”. Born and raised in the New York City suburb of White Plains, N.Y., Nivla has faced many battles in his journey but chose to vent then out through his music, with influences such as Jay Z, Nas, Biggy and A Tribe Called Quest. Nivla’s work has been widely recognized by MTV, Wall Street Journal, FOX and more with performances at the 2008 Pepsi Superbowl Bash leading to a record deal with Interscope/Universal. Throughout his journey of self expression, Nivla kept his “Feet On The Ground” as told in his music video Directed by Vid Arroyo of Cine-Style Video Group and Produced by DJ Corbett.

“I feel like I’m going crazy, love me or hate me, who’s gonna save me from my self, when i feel like there’s no one else…”