Nindy Kaur is Manj’s ‘Deewani’


Nindy Kaur has released new new single “Deewani” in preparation of the release of her debut album Nindypendent.

Nindy is the first lady signed to RDB‘s label Three Records and wife to RDB front man Manj. Manj has been next to Niny every step of the way and even manages to share the spotlight in this music video.

“Deewani” has a great modern production, while the video has a retro nod.

The music video is comprised of shots of Nindy and Manj on a closed set in a handful of looks. Nindy goes fromĀ  her hair pulled back and winger eye liner to tight curls colorful stripes.

In a press release, Nindy states “It’s the one song that will break you away from your winter woo’s, is how I like to look at it. Once again, it was a great feeling to be part of the entire concept creation to post-production of ‘Deewani.’ The more involved an artist is with his or her production, the more real it becomes for the audience to accept; and that’s how this experience has been for me. I am certain with the support I’ve received from my fans with ‘Akhian’ and ‘2 Seater,’ I know ‘Deewani’ will become an instant hit as well!”

Are you impressed with this music video?