Prabh Deep – Do you, “Feel me ??”

Prabh Deep – Do you, “Feel me ??”

Prabh Deep Sagar’s new video, “Feel me” has just been released and is getting quite the response. In less than 1.5 years in the game, he is already getting shout-out’s by current day giant’s such as Manj Music.

Prabh Deep Sagar has been working constantly and not just on his music but also going all guns blazing on production as well as video direction. He has been running with his crew, ‘Agnastik‘ who are also among the top crews be it in Music or B-Boying, they make their presence felt. Prabh has been releasing back to back singles alongside Sez and this has been keeping him in the limelight. It is really refreshing to listen to Prabh as he always puts down tales of a traditional sikh but living in the capital.

His latest release, “Feel me” is accompanied by a video which looks super professional and has been edited by Prabh and Sez themselves. I personally have spoken to Prabh about this track, and he made sure to convey this that this track is his as well as Sez’s favourite track, as it is based on something he has is all about the real life of a hip hop artist, his struggles, the social and traditional obstacles which one faces belonging to India. He does’nt just complain but also tells us how to overcome such short-comings.

Feel me is a soothing track and is something which should be used for inspiration.

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