New Delhi just gave us a reason to Chill


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New Delhi is a buzz right now with various releases and mixtapes. This is the first time I have heard any of these new kids and they managed to surpass my expectations.

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It is good to see the new kids on the block not being afraid in taking shots at the mainstream rappers and calling their content weak. All the verses sound tight, with that said every artist must understand that their is always room for improvement and they should always strive for delivering their best.

chill marshall puneet

Varun has made a simple but catchy beat and it allows the rappers to go ham on it. Puneet Kohli is on the first verse and he goes in ham. Saurabh Acharya also lives up to the expectation and has some wicked rhyme schemes and he breaks down the track in a wicked way. Marshall the third is on the last verse and he gives just the perfect send off for his “Bhai‘.

It is refreshing to see some good music coming out of the capital. I would love to see the artists present in the song to work on some fresher material and try different styles as well.