BREAKING NEWS! New Bohemia Single is About to Drop!


Today, we just got confirmation that Bohemia‘s brand new single featuring Haji Springer and Panda is about to drop! It will be featured in DJ Nihal’s BBC Radio 1 show on Wednesday – May 21st. And here’s the exclusive cover art straight from Haji’s labs.


Haji Springer was also recently linked with another song with Bohemia titled “Preet”. We’re not sure when that will drop, but it seems like Haji’s been REALLY busy this year with some of the biggest names in Hip Hop & Desi Hip Hop.

Bohemia, the artist who spear headed a movement, is known for all his accomplishments in the music industry. And through his experiences, he had to go through a lot of strife, struggles, and un-foreseen circumstances which he had to overcome. Surely, there are a number of lessons to be learned from the Punjabi rapper, so we decided to compile a few of those lessons in a simple manner -> 5 Lessons Learned from BOHEMIA