‘NeVa Stop’ Music Video by Leek & Moon Bhai OUT NOW!

Blue Chip, a record label based in the East Coast, is out with a brand new single & music video with artists Leek and Moon Bhai.

The music video of NeVa Stop just dropped and it’s a unique mix where Desi Hip Hop meets the East Coast. The artists chose to release the video on March 9th to pay homage to The Notorious B.I.G. on his death anniversary. In the second verse, he went on to mention how Biggie inspired his music career.

“It is an honor for our first video on DHH to drop on this day – the death anniversary of the Notorious B.I.G. – a true inspiration to all Hip Hop” – Blue Chip

“Neva Stop”, produced by NyceBoy, is the first installment off of the group’s new album BLUE CHIP Volume 1. Songs from this project will debut 03/28/15 in Philadelphia PA at a concert hosted by Jus Reign featuring artists Imran Khan & AmAr Sandhu. Both of the artists come from a thorough background in the music industry with a wide variety of experiences that have taught them countless lessons. Check out the video below, and share your thoughts with us.

Watch NeVa Stop – Leek ft Moon Bhai | Blue Chip | DesiHipHop

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The Hip-Hop universe is a realm inhibited by countless Stars from well known cities. But Southern New Jersey has always been an untapped resource rich with style and talent. In this musical melting pot, you may be stopped at a red light and hear the sound of 808 drums, flutes, and melodic flows blaring from a vehicle where every passenger’s head is bobbing uncontrollably. That artist you’re most-likely hearing, is known as LEEK.

In LEEK’s early musical years he created music primarily for urban America. Frustration set in when he did not reach the success level he wished for in that genre, causing the lyricist to go into hiatus for a while.


After linking up with Moon Bhai and reinventing the music with a much more Desi/Punjabi influenced sound, LEEK is back with a new outlook and passion for the music world. They have worked together to create a new Wave for the Bollywood music scene. Under the moniker BLUE CHIP, the duos’ mission “is to simply spread their influence through the world and Live Life to the Limit ..NO Excuses, No Turning Back.” 

With several big live performances under their belt including one alongside Heartless JR & Kamla Punjabi In Sugar Land TX on February 14th, BLUE CHIP is ready for huge things.