Navpreet Singh – Tere Layi


tere layi navpreet singh 11

Navpreet Singh is out with his new single which is based on his experience with his friend and can probably relate to many youngsters that we get to see nowadays. The name of the song ‘Tere Layi‘ suggests his efforts and persuasion to get his friend back on the right path of life. Navpreet is popular for his unique themed tracks which can sometimes be useful to those who wish to learn and get inspired. ‘Tere Layi’ is a very good song for those who appreciate songs with meaningful lyricism.

The ignorance with which his friend is leading his life and a path that might prove to be one of the most drastic steps of his life is what the theme of the song is. There’s one friend who’s left everything for himself and there’s another who’s willing to get back his friend with all his possible efforts. This song is written and performed by Navpreet Singh, with each and every word being out of his own imagination. You’ll may feel like he used some of the lines from Raxstar’s track and he is trying to imitate him but that’s not the case. Listen to the song below on Youtube & give your feedback on this one.

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