“NASA” by Lord Cheeba & Yung Kash Is Full of Dope Flows!


The title of this article is not an exaggeration. If you are a Hip Hop fan, you’re gonna enjoy the songs in this new mixtape titled “NASA”. The artists involved in this mixtape is Lord Cheeba & Yung Kash. These two rappers know what they’re about when it comes to rapping. I loved their flows because there’s something new to their style that makes me play the mixtape on repeat.

We recently released a song by these artists which is when I first heard their unique flows. In this mixtape – NASA – I particularly enjoyed “Nobody Seen”, “All my Ninjas”, “Hot Nigga Remix”, and “Flyin’ Away”. In all honesty, I’ve had this mixtape on repeat all day and it seems like it’ll be quite some time before I switch to something else.