Naezy’s Tragedy Mein Comedy is Satirical Hip Hop

Here we have Naezy with Tragedy mein Comedy which is yet again produced by Sez and this track was also the OST for Watch On Air With AIB Season 1. The track is simple and is a very clever way of taking on the various issues tormenting the country. Naezy had mentioned that this idea was given to him by none other than Tanmay Bhatt to make a satire of sorts which targets the various political and social issues because of which India is still a developing country.

Naezy is known for focusing on social issues and targeting them through his music. His previous release, “Haq Hai” and this one Tragedy main Comedy are perfect examples of how to make social events relevant. He is known to be on the better lyricists from Bombay and this track proves. Everything is sick about the track but I would like to see Naezy experiment with different flows. Check out this track.