#myVote for Song of the Month – JULY


Summer of Desi Hip Hop!

Mark the date: Summer of 2014! Why? Because this is one of the most important summers for Desi Hip Hop music, musicians, and fans. We already saw a lot of activity in terms of Desi Hip Hop this summer. Last month (JUNE) marked the release of singles from the most well known Desi Hip Hop artists – Bohemia, Haji Springer, Raftaar, Lazarus, Apache Indian, Kat Eyez, Cerebral Assassins, Adil Omar, Crown Fam, Honey Singh, and many others. And July was kicked off by Humble the Poet. It almost feels like the big heads are going at it head to head now. It’s like the World Cup of Hip Hop, except everyone is playing for the final spot!


New Era of Desi Hip Hop Music Being Ushered In

Check out the top videos and the highest trending songs of the month below, and you be the judge. I smell the tides are shifting. I can feel a new era of Desi Hip Hop music being ushered in. And I am super excited about it all!

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VOTING CLOSES – July 12th, 2014

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