Mumzy Stranger Produces Tasha Tah’s ‘Haan De Munde’

Mumzy Stranger is keeping himself busy as the unofficial head of musical content at Tiffin Beats Records. Though Mumzy is not releasing any of his own solo work, he is busy building the careers of Junai Kaden, Tasha Tah, Ramee. This week Mumzy focuses on Tasha Tah’s comeback single “Haan De Munde.”

[wp_media media=”audio” title=”Haan De Munde” artist=”Tasha Tah ft. Junai Kaden (Prod. Mumzy Stranger)” volume=0.8 preload=”on” urls=”″]

Tasha Tah was discovered by Rishi Rich and under his wing, Tasha and Mumzy collaborated on the song “Rewind.” Following this release, Summer 2010, Tasha took her music to the mela scene. After Rishi Rich Productions split from Tiffin Beats Records, Tasha was officially signed to  Tiffin Beats and she is now fulfilling her music career as she hoped.

With Mumzy on production and Junai Kaden with a feature, “Haan De Munde.” Along with her new single, Tasha also reveals that she has signed a record deal in India. In her press release, Tasha says “Haan De Munda is my debut release. Having been a performing artist for the last few years, it’s nice to now have something ready to unleash to the world. I’ve been working hard in the studio with Mumzy Stranger, Surinder Rattan, Rude Kid and other great producers over the last few months and have created some really fresh and exciting music. I’m delighted to announce that along with the release of ‘Haan De Munda’ on Tiffinbeats Records this month, I’ve signed a record deal in India with EMI Records and will be releasing a lot more music in the New Year.”