Mumbai’s Finest Release a Heartbreak Anthem

Mumbai’s Finest Release a Heartbreak Anthem

Mumbai’s Finest is Mumbai’s First Rap crew and has been making waves since 2006. They have been the pioneers of the rap scene in Mumbai and India and have been putting out singles and videos Independently that usually cross download limits and receive a lot of appreciation . Ace aka 39, the crew’s Founder and Lead Emcee has released a special song called ‘Bhool Na Jaana ‘ Ft Vamsi Krishna from Mumbai .

Bhool Na Jaana is was originally made for ‘DNOAX’ or Desi Number One Artistes X , which is India’s First Rap Crew and they even released India’s First Hip Hop Album ‘ They See Revolution’ in 2008. Bhool Na Jaana features Deep Hindi Lyrics by Ace aka 39 and soulful and soothing vocals from Vamsi Krishna, who is also from Dnoax.

Bhool na jaana is a bonus song off Ace aka 39’s album ‘M, which will be droppin soon . This is a soothing, soulful and a mellow song that talks about love and not forgetting someone close to you. This is a Valentine’s Day special release by Mumbai’s Finest . You can also check the typography video by Romi Kahlon for Bhool Na Jaana on the official Mf Youtube Channel

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