Shaikhspeare wins “Monster Battles #6”


Monster Battle 6Monster Battles never fails to bring up the thrill of rappers dissing each other to win the tittle! Monster Battles are holding it down since many years promoting battle emcees, and after a short break they are back again! The HIVE became the battle field for these verbal soldiers

Rappers who took part in battle-
Prof. De’Man
Besides them there were few more people who contributed in spitting some rhymes in cypher
Brotha Hood
There was also a small bboy cypher in which we had Bboy Jeeby from Rejects Crew, CA and bboy Ridiq from High Down crew Mumbai.

It went out pretty well, Ace aka 39 (Mumbais Finest) hosted the show pretty well!

The semi finals was between Maze and Shaikhspeare (Skin n Bone)

Emcees Battling 1


The finals took place between Shaikhspeare and last monster battles winner Mawali

Desi Rappers Battling


and the tittle of Monster Emcee was taken away by Shaikhspeare!!

Emcees never fail to showcase their skills. Over all it turned out to be a wonderful evening. People do have one question in their mind now, When is Monster Battles #7?