Mojo and G-Frekey discuss their Problems

Mojo and G-Frekey just released their new track, Problems and it is a must check out. This is a different variation of conscious hiphop and they have done a good job in making awareness about keeping up with the problems which one faces.

I caught with them and they told me all about it. They had a personal connect with the topic and both of them although did not reveal what the personal connection was but it was easily visible that the connection was intense. The crisp video is shot by #MojoArt and the banger is produced by SNAPPY. It is good to see the pioneers making meaningful rap music and spreading the word around.

Have a look at the conversation I had with them:

Q1. What is Desi Beam upto ?

Mojo : Desi Beam is right now making power moves. Me and Frekey are putting down music from the group and also working alongside Back 2 Da Basics. Pardhaan is signed with KDM and everyone is aware of how that is going for him. Guru is also busy in his professional and personal endeavors.

Q2. What prompted you to make this track, Problems ?

G-Frekey : We all have grown up facing different situations and obstacles which we have over come be it relationships, substance abuse, homies or even work. It is your choice to move over them or around them.
Mojo : In today’s world it is impossible for you get around problems, even if you do so it is a temporary solution, you will eventually have to find a permanent fix to the problem. This track is about facing your problems and fixing them, not to over stress and eventually everything will fall into place.

Q3. Desi Beam is known for it’s quality of work and the final product. What was your involvement behind the video ?

G-Frekey : This was a total in house production. The post production has been done by #MojoArt. This is probably my 4th or 5th video I have directed and I am working on several other videos as well.
Mojo : I wanted to catch the different manifestations of problems and be sure to put them into one film. I wrote down the story and we all took it from there. A shout out to everyone involved in the project.

Q4. Anyone who you would like to give a shout out to for the video ?

Mojo and G-Frekey : Everyone who came through to the shoot. Our boys from Mohali and Panchkula. Anuj Sachdeva, Notto Tune, Pankaj Bhagat, Rahul Pasrija, Cutter Fly, Shubham Thakur, L.U.C.K.Y, 22 Darshi And all the Homies. A huge shout out to for keeping it a 100 with us. A shout out SNAPPY for the smacking production.

Q5. Say something for the fans and followers ?

Mojo: Thank you for all your support thus far and we will keep giving our best in every project.
G-Frekey: We have been grinding hard and working on new music. Stay tuned and thank you all.