Mogz – 23

We first heard of Mogz through this Cypher video that I ran into a few months ago. Since then, he’s released a couple of singles, and music videos – namely the video for ‘Tao of LA’. And now, Mogz isout with his summer mixtape – 23. I thought it’s an interesting numeral to choose for a project, but it completely makes sense. The #23 jersey was/is worn by some of the most skillful players, from Michael Jordan to David Beckham (during his Real Madrid years). If he’s trying to emulate the greatness achieved by the #23s, then he’s on the right track.

Check out the mixtape, it’s available for download here, and also on Spotify!

Listen to Mogz – 23

[youtube id=”xRhY56rsNU4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

In his new mixtape, Mogz goes hard. He wheels you right in with the first track, which starts with some blues-ish jazz pianos, and keeps you entertained with a tight flow. Not only is he lyrically skillful, but the beats in the EP stands out from the rest. Tracks like ‘Presence of Mind’ and ‘Never Stop Dreaming’ are definitely inspirational, and I dig the positive message he puts out. There’s almost a signature Mogz kind of Art to the whole piece, and I am very impressed!

Let us know what you thought about this mixtape. Also, more info about the artist here –
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