JOHNSON CITY, TN (February 24, 2012) – Mo Sabri is shaking up the music industry with the first “double-single” off his new album that debuted at #5 on the iTunes World Chart. The new release contains two songs in one video, “M.O.E. (The Good Life)” and “Take Over the World”. Not only does the video show his US/UK tour in which he performs for tens of thousands of fans per concert, it features an endorsement from NFL superstar Jason Witten (Dallas Cowboys). “M.O.E (The Good Life)” is easily discernible as the radio single, but it’s uniqueness is clear. Whereas most popular artists nowadays sing about cheap thrills, Sabri is different; the theme of his song is “I just want to be happy” (which he repeats several times). The song is driven by a catchy guitar riff and witty punch lines, both of which add to the light-hearted feel. “Take Over the World” is on the opposite side of the spectrum. The Southern rap beat is reminiscent of Rick Ross or Waka Flocka Flame, and Mo displays his technical rapping prowess with ease. The two songs are totally different, but make for a perfect combination. The video’s visuals are breathtaking. “Since I direct all my videos, I wanted to do something different: two songs in one music video,” Mo Sabri explains. “We filmed the music video over the course of an entire year, showing different concerts and places during my US/UK tour. There were two massive concerts in the UK; one in London and one in Cardiff. Each show had over 10,000 fans there. There is also another show in my hometown of Johnson City, TN. The concerts are shown from my point of view on stage and the idea is to let my supporters share my experience of performing.”

The two songs in this video release are on Mo Sabri’s new album, The Overnight Classic, which debuted as the #5 highest selling on the iTunes World chart. Please share Mo Sabri’s “M.O.E. (The Good Life)” & “Take Over the World” video with your respective outlets.