Mo Sabri – I Believe In Jesus [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Johnson City, TN – December 18, 2012- Mo Sabri is not just a college student, grateful to be finished with finals and looking forward to holiday break: he is an internationally known artist who just released an unexpected music video about Jesus Christ.

The song is titled I Believe in Jesus, but is about more than just a belief. “I think people will be surprised that a Muslim is singing about unity through Jesus,” said Sabri, who was able to secure the support of celebrities; Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten and Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Daniel Norris both make appearances in the video. The lyrics address a number of religious misconceptions, speaking to the similarities between Islam and Christianity as a guide for morality and daily living.

Over the last several years, Mo Sabri has developed quite a YouTube following – his videos receive hundreds of thousands of views. He received local recognition in 2011 for a song about the town in which he grew up (appropriately titled: Johnson City). Sabri’s self-produced music has taken him all across the U.S., as well as internationally (England, Wales, Canada) where he performed at a number of sold out shows at Universities, festivals, and charity events. He has been featured on major networks: MTV, BBC and CBS to name a few. Sabri’s most notable achievement to date was this past January with the release of his debut album The Overnight Classic, earning him the 5th highest selling artist spot on the iTunes World chart for a solid week.