MK Ultra – Rebel, I-sick, Ah Murda


Sickness Redefined. 2 words that should explain this song to the world. Why? Because it really is sick as hell.

Hailing from New York, these 3 rappers – Rebel (from KhanArtists), I-sick & Ah Murda (both from BlazinAnnex) – linked up together to create this banger. The ‘epic’-like beat was composed by Isick himself, and the rappers took advantage of the ‘feel’ of the beat and dropped some sick bars on it. The two – I-sick & Ah Murda – has been constantly droppin’ heat all year long in 2014, and they’ve already dropped a number of bangers this year. These guys work so hard, I don’t know too many other rappers in the game who can catch up to them!

Enjoy the verses, and share your thoughts with us.