DHH Drops ‘Official Mixtape Vol. 1’ by doc bLAdez

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DesiHipHop.com is not only your go to place for the latest in news, now we are giving you amazing music! doc bLAdez, of Five River Fundamentalists, LA, presents DesiHipHop.com’s official Mixtape Vol. 1: The Onslaught.

The mixtape features music by some of the best in the industry including Tigerstyle, Tru Skool, Panjabi MC, and Bally Sagoo to name a few.  Checkout the complete tracklist:

1. Intro/doc bLAdez w/Tumbi Thunders – Tom Cat Beat (Badeshi Hameed Ft TumbiBeatBreaker)

2. It’s Okay – B Magic (A-Trak revisit)

3. Black Is… — Sarah Sayeed MC

4. Rip the Skin – Himalayan Mission Project

5. San Fran Psycho —  Mandeep Sethi

6. T-T-Tigerstyle – Tigerstyle feat. Blitzkrieg

7. Keep It Rollin’ – HoodiNi & KinG!

8. My Island – Ras Ceylon

9. Take Me Home – Drega

10. Jatti Ram Kaur – Tru Skool ft. Surinder Shinda

11. Indie For Short – Sakhu, Mandeep Sethi, & Povan Beats

12. Tru MC’s – Panjabi MC  (yes, his name is MC for a reason)

13. Jazz Mix – Panjabi MC

14. Guerrilla Wordsmiths – Himalayan Mission Project

15. Another day Another Ruby Dhalla–Lighter’s International ft. Mandeep Sethi

16. Flic Flic – Lighters International (Humble the Poet, Sikh Knowledge, Sho, Mestiz+Chuckallah)

17. Qott Ghusian De – Imran Khan

18. Dil Mang Da (doc bLAdez’ P.U.T.S. Mix)– Bally Sagoo

19. Time Has Come – Noyz & B Magic (Slum Village Revist)

20. Told U – iQ

21. The Gutter – Humble the Poet ft. Mandeep Sethi & Ras Ceylon

22. Bedoin Joe – Mike Desai ft doc bLAdez

23. Scratch Interlude/I Don’t LovHer – doc bLAdez/DviouZMinDz

24. The Recipe – Swami Baracus

25. Chalo – iQ ft Bohemia

26. Kangna (Still Dre Mix) – Doc Zeus ft Imran Khan

27. Orange Suit Theory – Chee Malabar

28. Swagga Like Sardars —  MC G-Singh (feat. Young Fateh, L-FRESH, & SaintSoulja)

29. Son of a Sardar – Tigerstyle ft Kanwar Gill

30. We Were the First – Mandeep Sethi & Ras Ceylon

31. Break This Game – Swami Baracus (Allstar Remix) Ft Sam Khan, Kazz Kumar, Menis, RKZ, AC, AG Dolla & Rowdy Brown

32. Aisee Taisee – Mandeep Sethi (Prod. by Sikh Knowledge)

33. Pillows & Pills – HooDiNI & KinG!

34. Off the Handle – Omar Adil ft Xzibit

35. Technorganic  — Flying Lotus, Sikh Knowledge, & Humble the Poet


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Mix by doc bLAdez, Pic by roarkyd.com, Art by DJ Raf