DesiHipHop ‘Mic Check’ Contest: 10 Winners Get Global Distribution!


Mic Check! Calling all artists…

Here’s a chance to do what you do best and make an impact with your music! We’re giving away FREE global distribution and promotions to 10 talented winners of this contest. And, all you have to do is submit your music to us. Here’s what YOU need to do:

  1. Make an original track titled preferably titled ‘Desi Hip Hop’

    (different title is fine, but we kinda wanna flood iTunes with ‘Desi Hip Hop’)

  2. Email the following to : MP3, Artist Name, FB/TWTR ID

Viewers will then comment, share, and vote on your music.


10 winners get FREE global distribution and promotion.

So why wait any longer? Send your track to us at NOW!

Submissions So Far…