Meet The Ka$h Krew from “Epiphany”

Ka$h’s 4th studio album “Epiphany” released last month and has been making it’s rounds all over the internet. Our exclusive article about the album got more than 1.5K facebook likes within days of its release with thousands of visits and re-shares afterwards. That’s the kind of impact this 15 year old rapper has had on the DesiHipHop community!

This 19-track album is his best work yet. Ka$h decided to go all-out with this one and made sure it was a hit. His talent is showcased in ways that most 15 year olds aren’t even thinking about. The success of this album not only lies on Ka$h’s hard work ethic, but also on his partners and team mates. The right team is an absolute requirement to achieve any kind of success, and it seems like Ka$h really has surrounded himself with the very best!




Here’s a look at all of the featured artists on Ka$h’s “Epiphany”:


RiSK is Ka$h’s elder brother, and this 26 year old has been grinding and hustling hard since he was young. He opened for Snoop Dogg and is the founder of two entrepreneurial ventures. His record label – Aftershock Records – has been successfully putting out music for a while now, and he’s also the founder of Tree House Clothing. With an influence like him, it’s no wonder young Ka$h is making the moves he currently is.

Young Henson

Young Henson’s been a long time partner of Ka$h. He first linked up with Ka$h on the Ballerz EP. Since the success of that EP, they both vibed so well that Ka$h had to hook up with Henson for round 2. Young Henson is a true musician and he’s been working his craft since he was just 6 years old!

Dub Work

Dub Work is an artist who’s been grinding since day 1. His song with Ka$h had some of the sickest flows I’ve heard in a while! And I’m personally invested in grabbing Dub Work’s project ‘Still Dreaming’, I can’t wait to hear more from this artist. His live shows garner a lot of attention, and he clearly adds value to the team that Ka$h put together.

Eddie Davis

Eddie Davis, aka Eddie Poppinz, from Chicago, made waves in the music scene since the ’80s! His single “Hungry For Your Love” was a hit back then, and is still heard by millions all over the world. This artist is a through & through talented musician with experience under his belt that can trump almost any of today’s musicians. His passion makes the track come to life, which is the basis of all his success!


Abraham, aka A-B-E, has been rippin’ up beats for quite a few years as well. As a member of the “Peace Poets”, this artist is a true fan of poetry and understands the power of eloquent words. What sets him apart from most musicians is his skills with the pen. It’s not a surprise that he featured on numerous tracks with Ka$h on “Epiphany”


“You are the Average of the 5 People who Surround You”

Seeing the artists who surround Ka$h and work with him, his positive influences in his music are clear. This 15 year old rapper learns from some of the best, and he takes that knowledge to create his own creative art. Knowledge like this is indispensable, and no one can put a price tag on it.

Be sure to grab “Epiphany” if you haven’t already!