Mc Kode and E.M.F go toe to toe in an Inter-city Battle Rap !!


It is electric to see the way hiphop is now being accepted and we are not just talking about tracks and videos or the B-Boying culture but also Battle rap. B3 hyped the battling scene in Bombay and influenced other city’s to do the same.

mc kode e.m.f spit dope new delhi

New Delhi has it’s own battle league which is Spit Dope INC‘s and at their last event Revolution Mc Kode who hails from Delhi and is in fact one of the founders of Spit Dope competed in a lyrical spar with E.M.F who is among one of the most feared battlers from the Bombay scene and is also involved in B3 along with his crew Elsewhere. Mc Kode and E.M.F even have a small competitive history which I could sense at the venue, However it was refreshing to see that the competition is only prevalent inside the venue and not outside it. After the Battle, all the emcees from Bombay and Delhi kicked it together and exchanged knowledge and views about the scene and how it can be made better.

Spit Dope Inc’s Revolution which Happened on January 10th,2016. Prior to the battle at Spit Dope INC ‘Revolution’ Mc Kode And E.M.F went head to head in a classic freestyle battle which lead up to this. Both have been repping their states. This is a classic Delhi Vs Mumbai Battle

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Freestyle Battle –

Main Battle –