MC Kaur : The Female Emcee On a Mission!



MC Kaur, is a true daughter of Hip Hop. She’s talented, she knows what she likes, and she goes for it with all she’s got!

MC Kaur recently released her mixtape, titled “Hip Hop Bahu“, which translates to “Hip Hop Daughter-In-Law”. I found this mixtape to be dope. She shows her talents very well throughout the songs, and breaks barriers that are set by the male-dominated Hip Hop industry. She uses the power of Hip Hop and rhymes to express herself well, and I believe she uses Hip Hop in the best possible way – to break free from constraints and  make a difference.

MC Kaur truly showed her talents as a femcee in this mixtape, and almost reminds me of the likes of Lauren Hill back in the day. Regardless of that, she stands out, stands strong, and is here to take over as one of the first female rappers in the Desi Hip Hop industry!

Listen to MC Kaur’s Mixtape – Hip Hop Bahu