Master-D & Uptown Lokolz Drops Desi Chick Remix!

Master-D released ‘Desi Chick’ about a month ago. It was a unique Bangla R&B Urban single, and the single grabbed the attention of fans all over Bangladesh. Since then, he linked up with two of the most popular rappers in Bangladesh – Black Zang & Bigg Spade from Uptown Lokolz – to work on a Desi Chick Remix.

Black Zang and Bigg Spade joined the line up for the remix and brought their unique style and swag to the track. The two rappers have been holding it down in the Bangladesh Hip Hop industry since 2009. Since then, they’ve released a couple of albums, numerous hit singles, and Black Zang now hosts one of the dopest Hip Hop radio shows in south Asia – Planet Hip Hop 101.6FM.


Bangladesh Hip Hop has been on the rise for about a decade now, and it’s grown into something unique and special. As artists increased, so did the fans. However, it somehow lacked good R&B singers releasing constant urban music. The flavor that the likes of Chris Brown and Trey Songs bring to the US music industry was some-what lacking in the Hip Hop industry in Bangladesh. But, no more! With Master-D working with artists like Black Zang & Bigg Spade, the industry is about to change again and make another huge step forward.

This release also includes an exclusive EDM remix by DJ AKS. DJ AKS has been rocking it in the EDM scene for quite a few years now, and the work he did with this single is epic. I can’t wait to have a great night out with this one. Check out the remix singles below, and share your thoughts!

DOWNLOAD DESI CHICK REMIX directly on SoundCloud or by clicking here

Master-D – Desi Chick Remix ft Black Zang & Bigg Spade 

Master-D – Desi Chick EDM Remix – DJ AKS