Malcom X Fueled the Hip-Hop Generation

Malcom X Fueled The HipHop Generation, Who Will Fuel The DesiHipHop Generation?

Malcom X, born as Malcom Little, also known as El-Hajj Malik El Shabazz, was an African-American Muslim minister and human rights activist for the rights of Blacks in a white America.  Had he survived the murderous intent of his enemies, this world renown iconic leader would have turned 90 years young today, May 19th, 2015 – Happy Birthday big brother.

Malcom X, HipHop, DesiHipHop

Malcolm X’s legacy has affected thousands if not millions of people in so many different ways from developing knowledge of self to increasing understanding in human rights, civil rights, and socio-economic politics.  He set a tone, which recognized or not – influenced politically vocal artists like: the original Ice Cube, Public Enemy, Kendrick Lamar, X Clan, early Latifah, Bahamidia, Wise Intelligent, United Front and Afrikan Insurrektion Muzik, perhaps Azealia Banks -and – even Kanye West who in the beginning of his career showed elements of knowledge of self.

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Malcolm X remains a hood hero. Always will be. And being the international tastemaker that he has been over the last four decades Hip Hop has played a huge part in establishing his legacy with a generation, which is now passing it on to their children and grand’s.

Malcom X Fueled HipHop, Who’ll Fuel DesiHipHop?