Making of Bohemia’s Ek Tera Pyar

Making of Bohemia’s Ek Tera Pyar

making of bohemias ek tera pyar (music video)

Here Bohemia shows his fans behind the scenes and making of Ek Tera Pyar video on his official Youtube channel. He talks about the young artists who are coming with new songs & talks about helping them and promoting those artists who are good at singing or writing. Bohemia also talks about not using things that are not necessary for a video or a song like new artists use sexy models & big cars and waste their money on the video’s. The Punjabi Rapper supports real talent, real artist go home work hard on your beats and your songs that’s what he said.

[youtube id=”Tu9G8VHiTMA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Behind the scene unseen interview of Bohemia and making of the music video for Ek Tera Pyar.