Make Way For The ‘Selfie Rap’!

Make Way For The ‘Selfie Rap’ with Desi Beam, Dr. Love & Hell Boy Prod. Snappy Boi

Selfie Rap - Dr Love, Hell Boy, G frekey, moJo (Prod By Snappy Boi) - Desi Hip Hop Inc

All of you make way for this very trendy “Selfie Rap”!! Produced by Snappy Boi the track includes the first verse is by Dr. Love. The second verse was rapped by Hell Boy, the popular crew Desi Beam’s crew mates G-Freaky and Mojo  embraced the third and fourth verses respectively.

Not just this! They even gave the beat of this awesome track for all other inspiring rappers to shoot their selfie rap and upload them by tagging the artists & page to show us your skills!! Enough of taking selfies and mimicking Dub Smash videos, show the world what rapping talent you got because criticizing and commenting things against other artists is way too mainstream, show us what you got!

Here’s the download link for the instrumental –

#SelfieRap Mp3 Download –

Dr Love –
Hell Boy –
G frekey –…
moJo –
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