Machas With Attitude

India has seen a vast variety of musicians and vocalists with time but never has there ever been any progress in western arts like Hip Hop. The Machas with attitude have been a very dynamic and innovative find to the world of music, not only have they dominated and impressed the Indian audience with their unique style and variation but they have also created impact overseas too. They have also received praise from various big names in the industry including the likes of Anu Malik , G. V. Prakash Kumar, SELVA GANESH, Vidhyasagar, AVM, Sanjay to name a few.

The Machas with attitude was started in June of 2007 and has achieved massive progress in a very short period. The Band basically consists of 3 members namely:
1) Bigg Nikk ( Rapper )
2) Brodha V ( Rapper )
3) Smokey ( Rapper )