M-Nat Talks About Racism in ‘Colors’


Listen to M-Nat – Colors

#MikeBrown. #TrayvonMartin. #CharlestonMassacre. Three of many hashtags that were born through racist shootings in the US in the past year or so.

If you stop to think about that first paragraph it will give you the chills. Such is the land of opportunity where all races hang out with eachother without any trouble open-mindedly. And, it’s the same land where members of the KKK, and hick-ass rednecks fantasize about ways to skin a brown guy.

I, myself, have friends from numerous races, and friends who come from different parts of the world. I also was lucky enough to go to a University full of open minded kids who worked with eachother, and enjoyed eachother’s company. But, I, too, faced rare situations where I ended up pissed off at some ignorant white (& black) dude on more than one occasion.

Truth Hurts!
Truth Hurts!

A Global Problem

In fact, these kinds of ignorant race issues take place all over the world – mainly because humans are a bunch of idiots.  The best way to open minds, and bitch slap the ignorance away from people, is to talk about it. And, M-Nat did just that in his single “Colors” embedded above. He eloquently speaks about his own personal experiences, and goes on to share some deep words about the issue of race. It’s a very dope and enjoyable listen and, I believe, everyone will get something positive out of it. The beat is tight as well, and M-Nat really impressed me with his skills. His flow’s tight, his content is tight, and the song’s dope! Check it out, and share your thoughts with us.