Ludhiana Rap Cypher

I love rap cyphers. I mean, who doesn’t, right? There’s something special about rappers teaming up together and rapping about random things on a simple, dope beat. These rappers from Ludhiana did just that, and shot the video on a graveyard!

I found the video to be creative, and the rappers did a great job on the beat. Their flows were on point, and enjoyable to listen to. The rappers involved in this Hip Hop Cypher are – Harry Panesar, Tush Hind, Tej, Manu Ramgarhia, Jack Ameen, Jeewan Malhi. And the video was put together by D Hustlerz & Sahib Singh Nagi.

Ludhiana Rap Cypher 1.0 (Prod By Tush Hind)

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