Loven Ain’t ‘Lost’!



Mentally stimulating, visually mesmerising and auditorily captivating sums up this brand new track from Loven, featuring the vocals of the magnificent Arjun.

Lost is a lot more than just music, and is the first time in a while where we’ve heard one of our British Asian MCs delve deeper into societal truths which tend to go ignored by the masses, or more so, those which are easily accepted by the masses without so much as a question mark.

Loven, rapper and producer, has extraordinarily fused his powerful lyrical ability with his talent for creating fresh and exciting beats in this brand new track. He talks about the shift of money and power within a capitalist society where the rich keep on rising and the poor keep on struggling to aid to their rising, while the world keeps on spinning round and round and round.

This is all done over an eclectic production bringing together Arjun’s melancholic acoustic guitar-playing with an electro-bass sound creating something completely brand new for the ears; it definitely comes across as the next generation in sound. The whole track is finished off perfectly with Arjun’s soft vocals on chorus, adding more power to Loven’s real-talking rap and leaving a product that can only be described as audio art.

However, as well as just being art for the ears, the video can’t be ignored as compared to some of the videos we see on TV nowadays, Lost is a visual masterpiece. Produced by Barking Mad Productions and shot in London, the video cleverly portrays Loven’s lyrics in a way that leaves the audience thinking long after it’s over. The people you see in the video do what we are all subconsciously doing every single day of our lives; even if you fight against it, you still get sucked in and you’ll know exactly what we mean after you see this.

This is Lost featuring Arjun, and we are totally ‘Loven’ it! Check it out for yourself right now, and let us know whether you get it and if you’re lovin’ it too!

Written by Sabah Ismail