Liquidsilva, Jadakiss, Melly Mel, Styles P, Rakim All on One Stage!


Liquidsilva’s been making waves all over the world, as usual. And this time, he made waves with some of the hottest Oldschool rappers of all time. He linked up with Jadakiss, Melly Mel, Styles P, Rakimand a few others to perform a kick-ass show for fans in New York. Melly Mel added, “Hip Hop is the music that brings people together. Turned it into a dream, like Martin Luther King said. We have black people, white people, Spanish people, Asian People, Indonesian people, partying together, rappin’ together, prayin’ together.” Hip Hop definitely brings the world together and is inclusive of people from every race, religion, or color. Liquidsilva’s spent the past few years touring various continents, and is wrapping up his second studio album which releases really soon. Do I smell collaborations with these legends? I do. Let’s hope I’m right!

“Hip Hop is the Music that brings people together – Melly Mel”

Check out this video with all the Hip Hop Legends, and share the dream with your friends.

[youtube id=”8OHVJBQXCS4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]