Is Lil Wayne Next In Line to Leave ‘Cash Money Records’?

It seems like the trend is growing, Cash Money records is losing artists like my dad’s losing hair. Joining the likes of Tyga, and Jay Sean, Lil Wayne was recently very critical of the ways Cash Money Records deals with albums and their releases, and even suggested that he wants to leave the record label that made him who he is today.

Lil Wayne’s eleventh studio album was promised to his fans earlier this year, around August or September. And now, it’s already December and there’s no sign of it any where. The house that Baby, aka Birdman, built is falling to crumbles. Here are a series of Tweets that Lil Wayne spewed out to the world just a few hours ago.

Lil Wayne_Scr1 Lil Wayne_Scr2 Lil Wayne_Scr3 Lil Wayne_Scr4

Of course, Pusha T had to say something about it…

Lil Wayne_Scr5

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