“Life in the Chamber” Video tells the most riveting story you’ve seen today!

Blazin Annex’s I-Sick and Ah Murda just released their second music video from their album – “POISON”. The music video to “Life in the Chamber” is simple riveting. It follows the release of the music video to “Poison”, and tells a story that is equally shocking and eye catching.

DesiHipHop.com Presents – LIFE IN THE CHAMBER
I-Sick & Ah Murda 

This music video is dope! The artists told a story that catches the attention of the viewers. The song itself also tells a wonderful story. And, that’s what real Hip Hop artists do – they tell real stories! I found the crew – Blazin Annex – to be some great writers throughout their album. Even in the video of “Life in the Chamber”, the rappers – I-Sick & Ah Murda – flow well with some dope rhymes as they tell the story. It’s surely a must watch, and a great representative of the variety that’s in the entire album.

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