‘Let’s Get Lost’ With Premz!


We could say he’s back again, but the truth is this young rapper doesn’t ever really disappear does he?

In between doing interviews on BBC Radio 1 with Nihal and adding the finishing touches to his anticipated mixtape ‘Loud Silence’, Premz has been keeping busy making more hard-hitting music to keep his humble legion of loyal fans pleased and to clearly keep his thirst for making rap music quenched.

Once again, we’re impressed by Premz’ latest offering ‘Let’s Get Lost’ featuring fellow London based MC, L.O.N.Don where the coupling is indeed a great one blessing a beat that is catchy and quirky with an underlying element of rock. Premz’ lyrics really make you think here as his words go beyond just being words. Premz looks at the world in a way that goes further than most people, and you can hear this again and again through his music.

As he says in the first line of this latest release “Don’t praise me or rate me, it’s just the beginning”; we really do believe him but we’re sorry Premz, praise is due where it’s due!

Check out ‘Let’s Get Lost’ now and lose yourself in the music of someone who could potentially be London’s next biggest MC.

Written by Sabah Ismail (@DQ1988)