Leap Year – The Mixtape 2016 OUT NOW!


leap year the mixtape 2016

leap year the mixtape 2016 back

This mixtape (Leap Year) is coming out with fresh Hip- Hop. When we talk about reality, dreams, struggle, shit that happened in the flow of life those feelings are expressed through rhyming. So time to enjoy Souljhadelic rap journey. Get ready for the real hip hop because Souljhadelic is about to bang heads with punches that will take Punjabi Rap to a next level.

PS: 8. Leap Year (Shikari) Track will be released with an official music video.

Artist featured:-
Bawa Ubhi, Laxya freezy, Lobby

Artist :- Shikari
Facebook :- www.facebook.com/Shikari-1235006656528443/
Instagram :- www.instagram.com/shikari6

Mix and Mastered by:-
Bawa Ubhi
Facebook :- www.facebook.com/UbhiBawa
Instagram :- www.instagram.com/bawaubhi