Lazarus, the first Desi Hip Hop artists to rock SXSW

Earlier in March, we posted about Lazarus’ conquests at SXSW. A staff videographer even got a chance to see him in action and record some dope footage from the festival.

Exclusive Photos from SXSW

Lazarus was introduced by WWE Champ & Olympic Wrestling Champion Mark Henry into the show, and he straight up killed it. His dope freestyle to introduce himself took the audience by surprise. I don’t think that Austin, TX, crowd at ‘South by South West’ ever heard such real lyrics from a Desi rapper in their lives. Lazarus, the doctor & the rapper, took the stage with his most well known singles – from ‘Copycat’ to his song with D12 “Lay the Law Down”. Lazarus took the opportunity to hang out with HOT97′s world famous DJ – Peter Rosenburg, and also hung out with some of the Hip Hop greats.

The man made himself and Desi Hip Hop proud this year at SXSW – which is, in fact, the longest running music festival in the world! This festival is well known for having some of the dopest acts in the world. That’s tight, and so is the video below, check it out to see Lazarus perform and turn up in Austin, TX, at this year’s SXSW 2014.

Exclusive Performance Video by Lazarus at SXSW