‘Lamborgini’ by Haji Springer Released!


What do you get when you combine dope production, creative composition, catchy lyrics, a sick music video with beautiful cars? You get Haji Springer’s brand new single – Lamborgini!


DesiHipHop.com is proud to release Haji Springer‘s much awaited single “Lamborgini”. The super producer from California has been working non-stop this year releasing new music and new videos like it’s nothin’! Scrolling through his Twitter is like sneaking a peak into the artist’s life as he jumps between studio sessions, concerts, and release parties. Exciting times at the Springer Camp! He recently mentioned, “Can’t wait til the world hears all these new tracks we been doin’.” I’m sure Haji’s excited to make sure YOU, the true fans of Hip Hop, have a great time bumpin’ his music.

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“I produce and write all my music and IDGAF what anybody thinks. As long as me and my team like it, we’re gonna drop that record!”

Haji Springer

In “Lamborgini”, Haji Springer produced a dope beat that completely speaks his brand of music. It’s got the bass that Hip Hop fans love, and the tune that gets people riled up to party. His verses mark his territory in the Desi Hip Hop industry like none other. And just like his music is of the highest quality, the video is equally unique and eye-catching. The music video of “Lamborgini” will make you pause everything else in life and watch it. Don’t take my word for it, click play and let the festivities begin. The unique style of the video is worth the watch and represents Haji Springer’s brand through it all.

DesiHipHop.com Presents – “Lamborgini” by Haji Springer
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Exclusive Cameo Appearances

Bohemia makes a surprise appearance in the video. Bohemia, a close confidant of Haji Springer, has been busy working with Haji for quite some time now. Their recent collaborative single titled “Preet” made its mark all over the globe, and made a huge impact in the Desi Hip Hop industry since its release. It will be interesting to see what else we’ll see from these Desi Hip Hop artists who are loved by their worldwide fans. The video also features cameos by J. Hind, and Marty James, in addition to Bohemia. Other exclusive cameos by OB and Drop City Yacht Club. The Lamborghini cameos were exclusively presented by Promax Motorsports and Dr. Kin Wong.