Lala Loya – Singlan Da Chakka – Produced by Ghauri

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There is something absolutely infectious about this new drop by Lala Loya. Not many people go so hard in their debut. The track is long and detailed with variations in content and flows and every part contrasts each from the other in a constructive way.

This is what Lala Loya’s Facebook page was saying :”Self Expression and Story Telling is the reason Why I Rap (Punjabi Rap). Many untold Emotional Stories to come on this Page“.


Lala LoyaSinglan Da Chakka | Prod. By GHAURI Lala Loya-Singlan Da Chakka- Produced by Ghauri is a track containing six different verses inspired and influnced by different real life situations. every verse is close to heart.

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Artist : Lala Loya
Lyrics : Lala Loya
Audio Production : Ghauri
Artwork : Delete Lab Designs

6 Singles = 6 Real Life Stories

Posted by Lala Loya on Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ghauri like always done a very tight production on this one and has a very grimy sound to it. Lala was so hungry that he decided to break down the track into 6 parts and he has bars dedicated to so many different topics and it allows his to drop knowledge on various aspects. The verses are broken down as follows :

1. Intro
2. Kanjar khana
3. Chuthi yaari pt. 1
4. Chuthi yaari pt. 2
5. They-See Battle League — ankhoon daikha haal
6. Outro

lala loya ghauri singlan da chakka sunno music

My favorite part of the track is, “Kanjar Khana” in which he drops some hilarious bars about a few Kanjar’s and is not afraid to speak about it. I love the way he sounds so raw and his desi Punjabi accent just adds to griminess of the track. I heard a similar delivery by YOUNG DESI in the posse cut GAME TIME track recently by the KDM roster. YOUNG DESI also had a similar orthodox delivery with a similar “STRAIGHT OUT OF THE PIND” style. Before you drop your judgement please be aware of a major difference which is that Young Desi has been doing this for a very long time, a time good enough to make him one of the pioneers of the genre whereas this is Loyla’s debut. A good conclusion to this comparison could be that both of these artists sound authentic owing to the their common Desi delivery technique.

Have a listen to Paindu by Young Desi and compare it with this release by Lala Loyla and you will perfectly understand what I am trying to see.

Here we have Bohemia talking about Young Desi. check it out :