KURBAAN – T Jay Feat. Haze Kay


KURBAAN – T Jay Feat. Haze Kay


Taranjeet Singh aka T Jay release his debut song Kurbaan collab with the first Kashmiri Rapper Haze Kay. Most of us know Haze and he is good at what he does he has given a new touch to T Jay song. Haze has been featured on many websites like BombayHipHop and others. Check out the exclusive video of this new song below.

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[youtube id=”q8cPRANiAfY” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Haze Kay did something really great at a concert and the crowd applauded and screamed a lot on his lines. See what he actually said that he got a really good response from his fans.

“Justice to the girls who were so innocent/Justice so our sisters can be roaming free/Justice to Aasiya and Neelofar/Justice to the girl from Delhi.”

This song is all about giving your life to the love of a girl and the concept and lyrics of the songs are good.