KRS-One Shows Solid Solidarity for Afrika Bambaataa

He is a legend, a pioneer and a star for all his work in the field of hip hop. Kevin Donovan aka Afrika Bambaataa, was born in a family that was politically active. His mother and uncle were involved in the black liberation movement and he was exposed to them debating and discussing the topic while he was growing up in the Bronx.

KRS-One Shows Solid Solidarity for Afrika Bambaataa

Afrika Bambaataa, through gangs such as Black Spades and Universal Zulu Nation spread his thoughts and ideology through music and touched many lives. Recently however Bambaataa has been dismissed as the head of Zulu Nation with allegations of sexual molestation against him. Apparently he was known as Lance Taylor in the 70s and a few men including Bronx political activist Ronald Savage has spoken out against Bambaataa who issued a statement to the Rolling Stone magazine denying the allegations.

In the wake of all this recent development, Lawrence Parker aka KRS-One, the American rapper from the Bronx has publicly shown his support for Bambaataa by stating that whoever feels negatively about the legend should just quit hip hop altogether.

According to KRS-One, some hip hop legends are infallible and have to be protected for fear of the whole culture collapsing. He also made it very clear that the accusations are without proof and something people are just saying and even if there is some truth in it, it’s for Bambaataa to deal with and not the whole hip hop scene.