Kinga Rhymes is blaming his Kismat!


kinga rhymes kismat

Kinga Rhymes from Mumbai’s Finest just dropped, Kismat Ye Dhakke Khaye and it is worth a watch. Anyone who has grown up in an Indian family and has been conformed by it to follow what everyone expects you to do can easily understand what is shown in the video.

Kinga Rhymes has always given his 100 percent to do something unique while putting out music. His latest drop, Kismat Ye Dhakke Khaye is exactly just that. The instrumental is also groovy and has a very distinct sound, they type which is annoyingly infectious. Taking on the entire society, his views are very different from everyone else around him and wishes to do what he loves and not crumble to expectations of those around him. Kinga has once again not disappointed anyone but his haters.

I caught up with the homie and this is how it went down :

Q1. what was the concept behind ‘Kismat yeh dhakey khaye’ ?

A1. So the whole theme is around how some of us don’t wish to be bound to the same daily routine of working inside those four walls .Its showing how you get stuck with authority in the hands of a few claiming to be leaders and the monotony a normal desk job which is what generally people do in India aur yaha logo ko ye normal lagta aayaa but our views are a bit different. In short
fuck a 9 to 5 , do something else , Live life , do what you love and learn what real happiness is !

Q2. The video is very intriguing, were you involved in the creative process.

A2. Haha yeah every bit , I have done the edit as well .Also i was responsible for the direction of the video with Romi .Our cinematographer Shubhankar and me did a trail run before we shot as well .The whole videos pre to post i was involved in everything , I plan to direct more video and go more abstract where its not just a rapper coming and rapping in front of the camera .

Q3. I have got news from people that Kinga rhymes has started producing too. Does it mean aspiring rappers can get hold of your beats ?

A3. haha no New news man , i have been making music since the past 5 years i just wasn’t happy with my sound , but now i have learnt a lot through trail and error . The MF album has 4 of my beats with a very old school theme to them also the kismet ye dhakke kahye.Right now i am making what ever the artist wants or what i feel is a good vibe and i just didn’t wanna make hip
hop, i wanted to make music like anything and i haven’t been to a music school or learnt music from anywhere , so i was self learning instruments , learning how they work , how to create weird synths and most important a signature sound .

Q4. What is Kinga currently involved in ? Are you working on an album ?

A4. Yes i am almost done with the Album , I won’t name it now haha but its nothing someone would expect from me after the MF tape beats they have heard .You can assume it is an amalgamation of all the genres i love and grew up listening to. Focusing more on the collaborative aspects it is heavily features with musicians playing a key role in my compositions .Also one free verse with a video and a beat with a pre composed hook should be out by the 13th .

Q5. Any message for fans and followers ?

A5. Thank you for all you support and love we have made it this far the top seems closer everyday , I hope you all are doing what you love and are happy at heart .Peace and love to all .