King Roti is Far From ‘Long Gone’

King Roti, a Toronto native, is bringing all attention to his new single “Long Gone.” With a straight urban vibe and Desi remix, King Roti hopes this single is one for everyone. The song is described as being a mix between Hip-Hop and dub step which links Europe with America giving it another reason to be enjoyed by all.

King Roti stands alone on his original edition of “Long Gone,” for his Desi remix, he works with Manificent who hails from New York. The collaboration is well done and truly caters to an audience looking for a more Desi sounding tune.

“Long Gone” is a single for King Roti’s upcoming album Half Way Home which is due out next year. Pressing on in the promotional push for his album, King Roti is promising a video later this month. With two editions of this track, King Roti is bringing us two videos too.