King Roti

Exploding onto the Canadian music scene in 2006, Roti has certified his name with his tireless work ethic, dedication and raw talent. His charismatic character coupled with his sense of realness had made him a force to be reckoned with. Although well respected now, Roti had to earn his dues with a past life filled with crime, violence and hopelessness. Raised in the low-income area of Markham and Eglington, Roti was no stranger to the law. Being in and out of jail for most of his teenage years, he seemed to be caught in a vicious cycle. Determined not to end up like those around him, Roti turned to hip-hop to make a change. Early in his career he built his own street team and formed his own label “MasterMindz Entertainment” which is currently distributed by GCP / Fontana North / Universal world wide.

In 2009 Roti was able to establish his name in the industry dropping his first two breakthrough singles “Murdera” and “Let’s Get Away” Ft Kim Davis, both of which garnered steady rotation on Canada’s top music video station ‘Much Music’. Roti would continue to consistently drop new mixtapes as he had since he started making music in 2006. In 2010 Roti would continue his string of impressive singles with ‘Money Cash’ the video again getting rotation on RapCity and Much Vibe on Much Music. That year Roti also released a joint mixtape with MasterMindz label mate Sinister that did quite well online and gained new fans due to the strength of the lead single “Money Cash”. Later that year Roti would release yet another hit, “Don’t Cry” featuring Bishop Brigante, which would get steady rotation on Much Music, Much Vibe and Much More Music for the video. The video for “Don’t Cry” was also featured in the 2011 “Reel World Film Festival” in Toronto.

While Roti was gaining a buzz for his music in Canada, he was also beginning to make a name for him self internationally. Roti has had several singles with radio play on BBC Radio One in the U.K sparking a huge fan base for him overseas. On top of this the south asian music community has been greatly impacted by Roti’s music. Having songs like ‘Baby I Believe’ and “Ek Sapna” getting steady radio play on BBC Radio Ones South Asian play list, Roti has had interviews on prime time shows such has Bobby Friction, which has helped make him a lot of fans and a following in that community. With a string of strong releases under his belt and constantly performing and recording Roti is currently working on his debut album “Half Way Home”.

From such humble beginnings, Roti has been able to attain great professional and personal achievements. Grateful that he has made it this far, Roti will continue to produce music that he hopes can inspire others. Be on the look out for new singles and videos from King Roti, as well as his debut album release “Half Way Home” in 2012.