King ND & Femcee Evil ‘Love Their Haters’

King ND and Femcee Evil just dropped a collab track together, where they show love to their haters. It may sound strange to show “love to haters”, but they have a real message for haters and those people who don’t believe in their dreams.

The track “We Love ‘Em Haters” is a collaboration between KING ND, who reps Chennai, and Femcee Evil from Bangalore. The song conveys a message right from the heart of these two rappers for their respective haters & keyboard warriors they came across in their lives. They also took the responsibility to verbally ravage those people supporting artists who are wrecking the real hip-hop culture instead of the real talent that prevails in the Indian underground. Its a small initiation from the side of these two artistes to spread Unity through Desi Hip Hop. Check it out below and share your thoughts.

King ND Feat. Femcee Evil – “We Love Them Haters”