King Jassim Brings Reggae to TheHumHipHopProject

King Jassim Brings Reggae to The Hum Hip Hop Project

king jassim brings reggae to the hum hip hop project humming tree

King Jassim is a Reggae & Dancehall singer-songwriter who is one of the founding members of India’s leading urban outfits Low Rhyderz. He took the plunge of following his heart to make music in 2006. The commitment towards the upliftment of reggae & urban music made him done various hats during the initial years. He hosted India’s first & only exclusive Hip Hop show on radio called Party At The Shack on SPIN #44 , Worldspace Satellite Radio Network which beamed through out Africa, Middle East & Asia. He along with the rest of LOW RHYDERZ became the first ones in India to play caribbean and urban music in clubs as DJs. Hence forming Low Rhyderz sound system DJ sets known for the versatility, Energetic long sessions with live toasting and MCing.


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