KhanArtists’ Rebel & CokeStudio’s Komal Rizvi On a Dope Remix


Rebel of KhanArtist just released a song featuring Komal Rizvi titled “Absence”. Rebel was so inspired by her Coke Studio sessions that he decided to chop it up and record a remix.

This song is a masterpiece. I found it to be the perfect fusion between traditional Desi music and Hip Hop. Komal Rizvi’s vocals are truly enchanting, and she had me hooked. I admired how Rebel put it all together. Komal’s vocals sound great on those piano keys and on the dope beat. Along with her vocals, came Rebel’s verses, and I could feel his energy and feelings throughout this song. He rode the beat well like a pro and showcased his talents on and off the mic.

Click play below, and let the artists serenade you!

Listen to “Absence” – Rebel of KhanArtists Feat. Komal Rizvi