Kendrick Comments On Drake’s New Album

Drake may be all caught up in his emotions when it comes to ex-BFF Kendrick Lamar, but the reigning King of Hip-Hop says it’s all love between himself and the Canadian rapper. Kendrick Lamar made “Headlines” (punintended) this summer when he dropped a verse on Big Sean’s “Control,” challenging several rappers to step up their lyrics.

One of the rappers referenced in the tune was Drake, who admitted during several radio interviews that he would not be working with Kendrick in the future because of the verse. “He’ll be alright, even if [his next album] doesn’t feature any of the names he mentioned, which it probably won’t,” Drizzy said during a radio interview. “I’m not really into doing a record with him now.”

Things between the two men were exacerbated during the BET Hip-Hop Awards when Lamar fired another shot at Drake during the TDE Cypher.

“And nothing’s been the same since they dropped ‘Control’ / And tucked a sensitive rapper back in his pajama clothes / Ha, ha, joke’s on you / High five (high fives Schoolboy Q) / I’m bulletproof, your shots’ll never penetrate / Pin the tail on the donkey boy you’ve been a fake / I got my thumb on hip-hop and my foot in the back of your ass / Aftermath get the last laugh.”

During this weekend’s Powerhouse concert in New York, Kendrick was asked about his feud with Drake. “I was having fun rapping,” K.Dot explained. “Hip-Hop is a sport and people are going to dissect lyrics, and that’s what it’s about at the end of the day.”

“I got nothing against Drake. He put out a great album again, and he’s doing his thing, and he brought in a new generation to this music.”

Maybe Drake will accept K.Dot’s apology and the two can get back to singing over Janet Jackson hooks.



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