Kamal Raja Says ‘Ufff’

Having established a name with his debut single “No Clue,” Kamal Raja now takes his fans further along his musical journey with the release of his new single “Ufff.”

Glamour and sophistication meet sensuality and romance in “Ufff.” Duality is everywhere: in Kamal Raja’s voice, in the production, in the body language, in the fashion, and in the choice of the setting.

The mezmerizing track send us on a trip to Paris giving us a view of Place Vendôme, Eiffel Tower, Place de la Concorde, and Montmartre. The video ends in a Parisian houseboat anchored in the French River: the Seine.

Kamal represents a new breed of Urban artists who reinterprets the fusion of Eastern and Western culture. Whether it be his Parisian upbringing or his passion for music and recent time spent traveling Europe with his music aspirations, Kamal Raja’s appeal continues to grow along with his fanbase.

Will you be saying “Ufff” once you catch this video? Kamal Raja sure thinks so!